Archiving Memorial Inscriptions

Few people realize that memorial inscriptions are valuable pieces of history. There are a lot of fading inscriptions in the cemeteries that contains information about a person. Aside from the date of birth and death, old epitaphs bear family history and unique symbolism. It is an excellent resource for people tracing their genealogy and ancestry.

Some organizations already started taking record of these memorial inscriptions. Unfortunately, due to lack of financing and human resources, the projects were discontinued. It is now the hope of our community to restore such plan for the benefit of families and researchers.

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Our website lists organizations working on the recording of inscriptions so that you can extend your support to them in financial ways or through volunteerism. There is a lot to be done to complete the project. Just working on one cemetery is tedious enough.

Our website also aims to advocate systematic recording of these epitaphs. With the installation of a recording system, the task of memorializing the information on the inscription will be much easier.

You can send us a message if you’d like further details on how to help in this worthy endeavor.